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21st January 2014


On Moral Education and Faith - MLK Speech

Dr. King provided many great services for America. He gave voice to a people who had long been silenced. He catalyzed a movement whose time had come. We’ve heard it all before and there’s no getting around it… Dr. King was a doer. He was a drum major of positive change.

But he wasn’t born this way.  By all accounts, he led a very normal childhood in the South — occasionally marred by racial segregation. He was mature for his age, excelling academically to graduate high school at the age of 15 and, despite being born into a line of Baptist pastors, wary of his religion’s claims for most of that time. In short, he was a precocious, intelligent, and skeptical teenager… sounds pretty familiar here at Carnegie Mellon.

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2nd January 2014

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Carpe Everything

I’ve been re-evaluating the way I’m spending my time; it’s something I want to better in 2014. It’s started to hit me that I’m entering my prime. The next 10 years constitute my mental and physical peak. This is the period in which I enjoy the most opportunities. I should be excited, but really, I’m anxious. It’s like being given $100,000,000 with the caveat that you lose $1,000,000 a day. Naturally you would want to spend it as soon as possible, but you also must allot time for determining the best use of that money. Is it worth spending $1,000,000 frivolously today when you can determine a better use for it tomorrow? These are akin to the tradeoffs we face in life — should we spend time planning or doing?

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29th December 2013



I’m back.

After a year with a hell of a lot of change. A lot of change, but more ups than downs. That makes me happy. Many would be happy with much less.

Usually around this time I post a set of resolutions. This year, despite its net positive, has taught me not to be so optimistic.

Resolutions are externalities. They are by definition that which you are not. That which you aspire to be. For many, tangible resolutions (losing 10 lbs, getting a 4.0) work just fine — they are fantastic personal goals and the new year is an apt time to start working on them. But often, the intangible ones are the ones of consequence, and the ones with which we struggle the most. I’m talking about improving personal relationships, building confidence, staying positive and motivated. Where these creatures are concerned, continuous, conscious resolve is everything.

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30th May 2013

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You may have noticed the influx of my verbose posts on your dashboard. No, I haven’t yet degraded to blogging every moment of my day — I’m just migrating posts from my more clandestine other Tumblr to this one. I’m doing this to divide my two blogs by privacy; this one,, will contain my opinions, book/movie reviews, and some reflective posts.My other one is more of a personal journal.

In case you haven’t read some of these recently migrated posts, I urge you to check them out. If you agree with my opinions, awesome! If not, I’d be glad to hear some feedback. 

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30th May 2013


Odd soliloquies

“And it took a left turn, and I was right there and the driver was like this maniac and…”

I tuned her out after this point. Pity is one thing, but really, how long can you actually pay attention to someone narrating their day to, wait for it, nobody?

There’s a surprising number of these characters on the Port Authority busses that serve as our main mode of transportation around Pittsburgh. They always sit in the front, and often occupy multiple seats/reek of smoke. So many questions enter my mind when I see them. Where do you come from? Where are you going? Who do you think you’re talking to? Do you notice me? Are you just waiting for someone to notice you?

Gross generalizations, perhaps. But these surface-level insights are all my observation has yielded. One day, I’ll have the pluck to sit next to one of these strangers… who knows, maybe a dialogue is what they’ve been seeking all along.


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